Xiamen Magic Stone Trading Co., Ltd, provides quality stone sculptures and efficent service to domestic and international clients. At the same time, we also pay close attention to our own responsibility for environmental protection. Magic Stone always put environmental protection on a very important place of enterprise development strategy.



Against excessive mining, protect the environment


Now the main products we are making are small item stone carvings and sculptures, the most of them are made by discarded stone, which were collected from surrounding stone factories. Turn 'waste' into wealth, this is one effective action that we can reduce the damage of abandoned stone to the environment.


As to those stone sculptures which we need mine big stone blocks, are legal mining which approved by Chinese government and the department of environmental protection. Once any stone material are noticed to be forbidden or limited mining, we will tell our clients the truth and ask them cancel or decrease the order accordingly.


Enterprises can not get long-term business and sustainable development if they have no awareness of environment protection and social responsibility. Magic Stone are willing to walk together with all environmentalists and enterprise, try and do our best to protect the planet Earth, our common home.




Recyclable packing, reduce land-loading


All the crates and pallets that MAGIC STONE used are recyclable. Besides, most of time we suggest our clients do not require box cargoes with boxes /cartons, partly due to the irregular shapes of different sculptures but also in an effort to reduce unnecessary packaging which would just add to land-loading.


Tiggywinkles, world’s leading wildlife hospital

One of MAGIC STONE's UK distributor, through sales of cobble stone owl and our new design cobble stone hedgehog, is delighted to be able to financially support the treatment of wild animals at the worlds' largest animal welfare hospital, St. Tiggywinkles. Our this UK distributor believe that their customers will also be encouraged to buy our range of stone owls and stone hedgehogs, knowing that for every purchase a donation will be made to this worthwhile cause.


Here MAGIC STONE also wants to call for more people's and more company's attention, to concern and donate Tiggywinkles. MAGIC STONE believe that with more and more people's care and help, we can make these cute wild animals recover from injury.


Based in Buckinghamshire the centre treats over 100,000 injured animals each year. Tiggywinkles themselves will be promoting our this distributor. Cobble owls and cobble hedgehogs through their newsletters advising their readers that they can be purchased at garden centres accross the country.


Since opening its doors, Tiggywinkles has taken in and cared for over 200,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild creatures.


Caring for sick and injured hedgehogs, owls, badgers, wild birds, foxes, even reptiles and amphibians



Every year in Britain over five million wild animals and birds are injured as a direct result of their encounters with man's world. They are a specialist hospital, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British wildlife using all available veterinary expertise.


Tiggywinkles treats over 10,000 animal casualties every year. Our doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to receive British wildlife casualties. They treat all casualties free of charge. Support Tiggywinkles by buying Les Stocker's 2013 A3 Hedgehog Calendar. Visit tiggywinkles website, to find more information.


MAGIC STONE believe that with more and more people's care and help, we can make these cute wild animal recover from injury.



Tack care of wild animals, Protect the environment

Enjoy the harmony between human beings and nature